New Enrollments

  • Open Enrollment is ongoing. Enrollments for class attendance are limited by the capacity of our facility.¬†When there are more enrollments than spaces available for a particular grade group, enrollments will be placed on a waiting list and chosen at random in a public lottery for the available spaces. Lottery dates will be posted on the Caspar Creek website.
  • We are also working to expand the capacity of our Home Study program (not attending classes; meeting regularly with a teacher). This may be an alternative for students not chosen in a lottery for class attendance.
  • To enroll, or to be included in a lottery for available class attendance spaces, please download, print and complete the eleven-page Enrollment Packet. Completed packets are accepted in person, by appointment, on an ongoing basis. Printed copies of the form are also available upon request. Please request an enrollment appointment using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Enrollment Packet

Caspar Creek complete 2018-19 Enrollment Form

Parent Commitment Contract

Please also review the Parent Commitment Contract we ask parents to sign upon confirmed enrollment for an overview of what’s expected of parents.

1718 parent commitment contract keep

Missing Emergency, Health and Records Release forms

The following three-page document is required for enrollment but was inadvertently omitted from the original versions of the New Enrollment Packet and the Re-Enrollment Packet. Please download, print and complete these three pages and bring on the first day of classes. (These pages are now included in the above Enrollment Packet.)

Also Required: Proof of Residency

All students, both new and continuing, must provide a copy of a utility bill or other document (lease agreement, cable bill, etc.) that shows the physical address of your residence (not your PO box).

We apologize for these late additions, but they are required for your enrollment to be complete.

1819 Emergency, Health, Records release

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