Appeal to State Board Filed

Our appeal to the State Board of Education was set in motion Tuesday, March 9, with our submission to SBE (with copies to MUSD and MCOE) detailing how both MUSD and MCOE abused their discretion in denying our petition. Within 30 days of receipt, MUSD and MCOE may submit written oppositions. Based on review of those submissions, the CDE Charter Schools Division will issue a staff report for consideration by the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS) in their June 8 meeting, where, in a public hearing, the ACCS will decide whether to issue a recommendation to the state board that there is sufficient evidence to hold a public hearing, which would then take place in SBE’s July 14-15 regular meeting. If SBE finds that MUSD and/or MCOE abused their discretion, in consultation with us, SBE will assign one of them to oversee Caspar Creek’s continuation as a charter school.

Public comment during the June 8 ACCS meeting is encouraged, and may be submitted either in advance via email, or live via telephone (one minute limit) during the meeting. Details will be provided here when the agenda is published.

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