Public Comment June 8, 9:30 AM

The ACCS meeting can be watched via live stream. Click here to view the live webcast.

Public comment is by phone. The following instructions are from the ACCS website:

“Public comment may also be provided by dialing the phone number and participant access code and then following the operator’s prompts. Upon dialing in, callers will be added to a caller queue. The operator will notify callers when it is their turn to provide public comment. Public comment will be limited to one minute. Members of the public wishing to dial in for public comment should view the live-stream of the meeting. The number and access code will be provided at the start of public comment for each item.”

  • Prior to making public comment, speakers who are watching the meeting via live webcast should make sure the volume on their computer is muted to avoid an echoing or feedback sounds during the call.
  • Each speaker will be allotted one minute of public comment for each agenda item.
  • When the host unmutes the caller to provide public comment:
    • Participants will hear a voice announcement telling them they are unmuted.
    • Host will announce to caller when their time is up.

    Please use the phone number and access code provided below:

    • Phone number: (712) 770-4917
    • Access code: 4679071#

Meeting agenda:

Since our appeal was unexpectedly removed from the agenda on the agenda deadline, you will be commenting during the General Public Comment period for non-agenda items near the beginning of the meeting, immediately following approval of the agenda.

What commissioners need to hear from you (in one minute or less):

  • Your name, your role, and the fact that you are making General Public Comment about an item that should have been on today’s agenda but isn’t (because CDE arbitrarily removed it): Caspar Creek’s Abuse of Discretion appeal.
  • The importance of Caspar Creek to you, your child(ren), and all Mendocino Coast children.
  • That Caspar Creek has provided a valuable alternative for 20 years, proving the need exists.
  • Your respectful suggestion that CDE’s move to prevent ACCS from considering our appeal seems at odds with the process provided by current law.
  • That you would like the ACCS to insist on considering our appeal themselves.

Our story:

  • Caspar Creek Learning Community opened in 2000 as a Resource Center of Mattole Valley Charter School, and in 2018 became a Resource Center of Pivot North Bay. Both are nonclassroom-based.
  • When new legislation required Resource Centers like Caspar Creek to become locally authorized, we followed the path set out for us in the new law, and petitioned as a “continuing” nonclassroom-based charter school.
  • Our local district chose instead to treat us as a “new” charter school, ignoring our 20 years of previous charter school operation, focusing on criteria that don’t apply to “continuing” charter schools, such as how the district’s basic aid funding would be impacted. Our county board took that a step further, claiming we had not existed prior to petitioning.

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