Parent Donations

Many of the qualities that define Caspar Creek—its small scale, the mixed-age environment, and in particular, the excellent student-teacher ratios, are simply not feasible within our state-funded budget, which covers most operating costs—mainly, staff salaries/benefits, most instructional materials, and utilities—but isn’t enough to cover other costs, such as facility rent.

To make up this shortfall, Caspar Creek depends on two main sources of revenue: fundraisers such as our annual raffle, and direct donations from enrolled families. Both are essential to Caspar Creek’s survival. It’s imperative for the ongoing sustainability of our program that we continue to cultivate both streams of support.

Caspar Creek needs the support of every enrolled family. We ask that you make a commitment to support the program at whatever level works for you. The suggested tax-deductible[1] donation amount is $100 per month per enrolled child. And because Caspar Creek’s expenses continue through July and August, it’s necessary for parent donations to continue as well.

The diversity of circumstances within our small community means there may be some who cannot contribute financially, so if you are able to donate more generously, we urge you to do that. Every bit helps, so please contribute whatever you can spare without creating hardship. Given the benefit families derive from involvement with Caspar Creek, we believe this is a reasonable expectation. While Caspar Creek is a public school program, for perspective on the market value of what it offers, survey tuition costs at comparable private schools.

We need to receive a response from every enrolled family, whether or not you are able to participate at this time.[2]

There are several ways to participate. When making your selection, we hope you will consider choosing automatic ACH donation, where the same amount is automatically debited from your bank account on the same date each month (typically the 10th). Besides saving your time and postage, it reduces time used to send reminders, process deposits, etc., and provides Caspar Creek with a predictable year-round funding stream.

If you have questions or would like more information about Caspar Creek’s finances, please feel free to contact any Caspar Creek board member.

[1] Caspar Creek Learning Community, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible.

[2] Although the program’s existence depends on direct support from families, donations are strictly voluntary, and are kept confidential. Because we are a public school program, no payment or donation is ever required, and no distinction will ever be made based on personal circumstances. There are many ways each of us contributes to the success of the program, whether we’re donating money, lending time and expertise, or participating in other ways.

(If you are currently enrolled for ACH Debit and want to make a change, please select ACH Debit and choose “Change Existing.”)