Moving Forward Beyond the Appeal

The California Department of Education did not advance Caspar Creek’s appeal, and it is unlikely to be considered by the state board anytime soon, if ever. Despite this surprise, Caspar Creek is forging ahead with plans to open for 2021-2022—with or without tax support. In fact, rather than deter us, the CDE’s action has freed us, creating the clarity we needed to move forward in ways not practical while stuck in the limbo of the appeal process.

While this outcome was not what anyone expected, Caspar Creek is no stranger to reinvention—we have done this before, and are confident we will do it again. We are actively mobilizing support and resources, and are currently working on two main avenues of possibility. We’re expecting information back within the coming week which will clarify our path forward. At this point there is not enough clarity to share details. Please know that we are employing every resource and opportunity to ensure Caspar Creek opens in the fall. So, for now, we thank you for your patience. We will post another update the week of June 21.

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