County Appeal Public Hearing January 11, 10 AM

On Monday, January 11, at 10:00 AM PST, on Zoom, there will be a public hearing of Caspar Creek’s appeal to the Mendocino County Board of Education to be allowed to continue its 20-year success story as a K-5 charter school program serving families on the Mendocino coast. To observe anonymously with no ability to participate, click here to be connected to a YouTube Live feed.

One of the main purposes of the public hearing is to guage the level of public support for the program. Citizens are invited to submit a brief written statement (limited to three minutes) at least two hours in advance of the meeting, which they may then either read to the board, or have read aloud by staff. Either:

In response, you’ll receive an email with a participant link to the Zoom meeting. You’ll be admitted when it’s your turn to speak.

It’s important that the county board understand not just that you support approval, but the reasons why.

  • How has Caspar Creek been important in your life, in the life of someone you know, or in the life of the community?
  • Why does the community need Caspar Creek?
  • Most importantly, what does Caspar Creek provide that most schools don’t?

Following the January 11 public hearing, the board will decide in a February 8 public meeting whether to approve Caspar Creek’s continuation as a public charter school program.

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