Tips for Sellers

  • Get the word out to friends and family.
    • Email your entire address list of far-flung friends, relatives, business contacts. For greater impact, insert or attach a photo.
    • Snail-mail, enclosing flyers and special snail-mail or fax order forms, printed and hand-personalized with your name and address for orders to be returned directly to you.
  • Find an hour or two each week to offer the raffle in a high-traffic location.
    • This is far easier than it sounds. People know a good deal when they see it. Our prize, price and odds are unmatched. Our cause is compelling. All you need to do is let people know why you’re there.
    • Visit the scheduling tool to book time one of the high-traffic local places listed there. (Choose “Keep Me Logged In” to avoid retyping your email address.)
    • Prius raffle kits containing Square crdit card reader, signs, group photos, and flyers are on hand at Harvest Market (either location; details appear when you sign up at and at school (2-5 building, above the cubbies). Bring a folding table to harvest Fort Bragg; we keep one at Harvest Mendocino.
    • Dream up your own high-traffic location. Past successes have been concerts, festivals and fairs (local or out-of-town), but any gathering, large or small, holds several potential raffle entrants.
    • Swipe credit cards with your smart phone using a free Square credit card reader attached to your phone that allows you to swipe or hand-enter credit cards for raffle tickets purchases. If you want to try this option with no obligation, use the contact form below to request an invitation. If your device is supported, you’ll receive an invitation from Square to download their free app, and have the option to receive by mail a free Square credit card reader that plugs into your phone. (There’s one in each of the selling kits.)
  • Learn more about how the raffle works by reading the Raffle FAQ and Raffle Rules. Consider printing both to have with you when offering entries.

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