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The next step in the authorization process is the public hearing, during which the MUSD board will consider input from stakeholders, including parents. And though it usually doesn’t, the board’s authorization decision can happen at that same meeting.

There is much ground to cover between authorization and the start of school. As of this writing, the public hearing date has not been set, but initial word is that MUSD is thinking late August or early September. We believe the best course for all concerned would be to hold the hearing sooner than that; as soon as possible, with a board decision on the same date. We see this as a neccessity for a successful opening.

If you agree that sooner is better, you may wish to communicate that thought to MUSD board members right away, before a hearing date has been set, along with your thoughts on the authorization itself.

For school boards in general, this is an unusually busy summer, full of challenging decisions. When communicating with board members, it’s important to keep in mind that they are volunteers who deserve appreciation and acknowledgement for the crucial role they play, and for the solemn commitment they’ve made to act in the best interests of students residing in their district—all of them.

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A convenient way to share your thoughts with all five members at once is by clicking the above Group Email Link. A new email will open, addressed to all five members, with the subject “Caspar Creek charter petition.”

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